The Vieille Montagne in Germany

The Vieille Montagne
in Germany


Daniel Sobanski
Germany was the first foreign country the VM expanded to. The VM realized the importance of Prussia and other German states (German as a national state was founded in 1871) as a sales market shortly after its foundation. However, there were great tariff barriers that made a profitable export of zinc products from Belgium nearly impossible.

Porto Flavia

Porto Flavia
Vieille Montagne Mine

Sardinia, Italy.

Dott. Mauro Buosi
The trasportation of minerals deriving from exploration of the mines in the lglesiente district invariably constituted a considerable problem with regard to the economic yield of these mines. The majority of mines, considering the lack of docks suited to the loading of large merchant ships, provided for transport of their products using the services of the Galanzè watermen from the S.Pietro island,

IN MEMORIAM – Nenthead Ore Dressing Mill

IN MEMORIAM – Nenthead Ore Dressing Mill

Nenthead, Cumbria, UK

Alastair Roberston
To put everything into context, the village of Nenthead in Cumbria is situated some 35 miles southeast from Carlisle, at the eastern edge of the county, bordering onto Northumberland and County Durham. This region of the north Pennines has been exploited for its metalliferous ores - lead, with its associated silver, zinc, iron and some copper - since Roman times and before.

1889 VM-Balen

1889 VM-Balen, from zink ore roaster and lead smelter to zinc smelter


François Wouters

1908 New roasting plant Vieille-Montagne in Balen

At the end of 1888, Vieille-Montagne purchased a terrain of 365 hectares on the borders of Balen, Mol and Lommel. The factory in Balen (then Baelen) was built in 1889 on the sandy grounds of the Campine. Ideally located at the intersection of the Antwerp-München-Gladbach railway and a branch of the “Kempens” Canal that connected Antwerp, the port of entry for the ores, and Liège,
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Nenthead, Cumbria
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